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The Weird Homeopathy List

This page is the jumping off point to other blog posts on this website.

See the Weird Homeopathy introductory post to find out what all this is about.

We decided to start gathering and documenting the weird homeopathic remedies available for sale. We’ll describe the bizarre ingredients and, in particular, the even more bizarre conclusions drawn by homeopaths from their “provings“.

This list will grow over time (we’re pretty sure of that!). If you find any more, let us know. Also, if you would like to submit a “guest post”, let us know.

  • Berlin Wall: I think you can work out what this once is made from. Suffering from TERROR? Well, this is the stuff you need then. Worth a read just for the comments from our pet troll.
  • Colour remedies and astrology: Yes, they are linked. By chakras.
  • Light of Saturn: the provers got seriously stoned. It’s potent stuff.
  • Light of Venus: “made from the focussed light of the planet Venus”. Cures “spaced outness”. Obviously. What else would it cure?. Update: the homeopath who performed the proving has responded!
  • Neptunium: homeopaths attempt a blinded/placebo controlled proving. Unfortunately the placebo produces the same symptoms as the remedy….so, obviously, the remedy must have leaked. Guest post by Rob Hinkley. Update: the homeopath who performed the proving has responded!
  • Oscillococcinum – made from a bacteria that doesn’t appear to exist.
  • Positronium: “prepared from the Annihilation Radiation of Positronium”. Having “dreams of toilets & shit”? Then you need this.
  • Shipwreck: A remedy made from a bit of wood taken from The Helvetia shipwreck, Rhossili Bay, The Gower, Wales. A must read to discover the most bonkers conclusion drawn from a homeopathic proving, ever.
  • Thunderstorm: A remedy created by putting a bottle outside during a thunderstorm.
  • Water: Yes, water. You can dilute water with water and make it the most powerful water in the Universe. Guest post by Rob Hinkley
  • Water: Yes, more water. This time from different oceans and rivers from around the world. Guest post by Fernando Frias.


  1. Plutonium …

    Includes 6X dilution, which I would have thought was dangerously non-homeopathic, up to CM (10^300 dilution) which is surely taking the piss!

  2. Homeopathic colour remedies, found by @FerFrias on Twitter. Beyond belief! Do they win a gold award?

  3. Helios sell “Aqua Nova”, which is made from water, repeatedly diluted in water:

    The “proving” notes for Aqua Nova (, like those of all provings I’ve seen, are baffling and hilarious in roughly equal parts. More than you ever wanted to know about people’s dreams, itches, gas, pains and stools.
    eg “Dream I am buying hats. I try them on and they don’t fit me but I want to buy them anyway.”

  4. Mobile phone radiation
    Tape 4mg of lactose to your phone and then call someone… apparently it’s part of a rigorous approach to medicine very relevant to the modern world.

    • Phew. They used a Nokia 5.1.

      Version 5.0 cures nowt.

  5. Jupiter Rays:
    Oh come on!…. just read this excerpt:

    “It sounded encouraging … that a negative influence of a certain Planet can be softened by finding a proper antidote. … these include certain ways of behavior, actions, wearing certain stones, choosing colors, selecting food, etc.

    Then the question came to us, whether remedies made of Planets can produce effect? It can be possible that, when a hard period in one’s life comes, under the influence of a certain Planet, it may help to take a remedy made of this Planet. Or, if a natal chart shows some unwanted features in one’s nature or tendencies to certain illnesses suggested by the disposition of Planets, may it be possible to soften this by the corresponding Planet remedy?

    Besides Sol and Luna being the brightest objects in the sky we were primarily interested in Jupiter and Saturn as the most influential Planets in a longer-term perspective in astrology.
    Again, a question came, what is the difference in their action depending on the position of the Planet in the natal chart and its position in the sky chart at the moment of the exposition of rays?
    Over more than a year we speculated about the preparation of Jupiter rays. The ideal position of Jupiter for this purpose would be there in 6 to 7 years when it would come to the constellation of its exaltation. It seemed too long to wait.”

    Original link from @xtaldave Dr David Briggs

  6. Try looking up a homeopathic remedy called… in that pseudo-Latin that homeopaths love to use… “excrementum caninum”.

  7. Andy Lewis at Quackometer has encountered homeopathic twiglets.

  8. Homeopathic T.rex!

  9. I know there’s one based on Australian sunshine. Solaris Australis, or some such.

  10. “Star Drops” :


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