Posted by: Kash Farooq | July 20, 2010

Weird Homeopathy

It’s all weird, isn’t it? Perhaps this post should have been titled “Weirder Homeopathy”?

We’re going write a series of posts about the craziest, weirdest, wackiest homeopathic remedies that we can find. We believe that the Official Twitter Hashtag for this sort of stuff is #batshitinsane.

Go straight to The Weird Homeopathy list.

So, why are we doing these posts?

Well, homeopathy is often touted as using natural ingredients and is often assumed to be the same as herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is NOT homeopathy. For starters, herbal medicine contains an active ingredient, whereas homeopathic remedies are statistically unlikely to contain even a single molecule of the “active ingredient”.

Many blog posts and websites discuss the implausibility of homeopathy; we’re not going to venture in that direction. What we’d like to do is address the “it’s natural” part of homeopathic claims.

So, specifically, we want to talk about remedies that surely cannot be considered to have been derived from “natural ingredients”.

If you find any more, let us know!

The symptoms that are claimed to be cured by the remedies on The Weird Homeopathy list are taken from “Provings”. This concept of Homeopathic Proving deserves a blog post on its own.



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