Posted by: Kash Farooq | July 21, 2010

Weird Homeopathy – Berlin Wall

A remedy created from ground up pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Homeopaths move in to get their ingredients. (Photograph by SSGT F. Lee Corkran, used via Creative Commons)

Even homeopaths had doubts about this one.

“George Vithoulkas proclaimed that the sake and credibility of homeopathy was not served by using remedies like Berlin Wall.”

But it was too powerful to resist. The Berlin Wall “seems to have been immersed with the psychological emotions and thoughts of humankind”, and so it can be used to produce some pretty powerful polychrest medicine. It can cure pretty much anything that the wall represented:

“Forsaken and SEPARATION, Oppression , Indescribable evil/darkness, Suspicious, uneasy, shifty eyes , Depression, sense of blackness, total isolation, aloneness, despair, Panic, need to escape but they can’t. TERROR” [Their capitals, not mine]

I do like the fact that it can cure TERROR.

And if that wasn’t enough, it can also cure physical conditions that have, erm, descriptions associated to the wall. Give me a break, I’ve no idea how they make this stuff up:

“ASTHMA (because of the crushing on chest and suffocation, see), Headache (again because of the deep crushing, congestion, and bursting with depression)” [Their capitals, not mine]

Take that real medicine. Bet none of your Big Pharma pills can cure that lot.

I must congratulate the author of “Berlin Wall” for managing to write nearly 6000 words about the proving of the amazing Berlin Wall remedy. Perhaps a career in running creative writing courses beckons?



  1. I wonder if the Berlin Wall remedy is imprinted with the memory of David Hasslehoff?

  2. Well, considering the fact that thoughts and feelings can entangle with a material thing, then making a remedy out of a wall is not too special. It’s all about morphic fields and resonance. How many millions of people has bind their thoughts to this wall and transmitted strong negative emotions like hate and fear!

    • Hmmm. I didn’t realise that it was a fact that thoughts and feelings were able to entangle themselves up into material things.

      Have you got any more info?

      I bet it has something to do with quantum mechanics. It always has something to do with quantum mechanics.

      • Indeed, quantum entanglement is a possible explanation for how homeopathy works. Our brain for example works only through quantum mechanics. We have billions of nerve cells that communicate with each other.
        But inside one single nerve cell thousands of microtubules performs like 10 to the power of 27 information processing events every second on the basis of quantum mechanics. Inside the microtubules the superpositions of electrons collapses by measurement of our consciousness. Our brain is a quantum computer that works more like a interface than a desktop computer, able to persist it’s data in a vast storage, in the vacuum itself, in space-time. DNA for example is able to impress to the space-time it’s pattern. This was confirmed several times by different scientist.

        If you want to know more about this stuff, read Stuart Hameroff’s (Quantum mechanics) articles and Dr. Vladimir Poponin (DNA) research result.

      • “a possible explanation for how homeopathy works”

        Homeopathy has not been proven to be effective in any clinical trial beyond the placebo effect.
        So there is no need to try to establish how it works.

      • I’m firmly in the Shermer and Stenger camp.

    • This sounds like the kind of “science” used to explain psychics being able to read objects and even how ghosts exist. Just saying.

  3. Peter – all that quantum brain stuff is pure speculation and unsupported by evidence. Quantum mechanics cannot rescue homeopathy. Homeopathy is total bollocks at so many levels.

    • The time for the materialistic science paradigm is over.

      • I’m not familiar with what this means. Science is a framework of investigation that tests falsifyable theories through material observation. Are you suggesting we need a different type of science not based on this? I’m not sure if this can be called science. 

        Keep on mind that this current framework is doing quite well. It was material science that discovered quantum mechanics which you seem to be at least interested in, and perhaps even think has potential in explaining mental phenomena.

        I know many people think science is hopelessly limited in the ways it limits it’s investigations to physically testable theories. I’m afraid that is just the price you pay to be able to separate scientifically useful theories (ones that can predict and form consistent conceptual models) from ones that don’t. 

        Science has got legs left. I suggest we let it get on with it. It’s going to do fine (especially in medical matters), even if it does annoying things like disproving homeopathy. 

        Science can’t engage in metaphysical, supernatural or theistic arguments. These things aren’t testable so from a scientific (and therefore arguably a rational) point of view they are simply junk.

  4. I wish my brain was a quantum computer. I could make a good living breaking encryption for the russian mafia.

    • Read this: – Where are our thoughts written?

      • That “alternative science weblog” contains nothing but speculation, with no verifiable facts or references to anything peer-reviewed.

        “Pseudo science weblog” might be a more appropriate epithet.

        It presents grandiose statements as fact without providing any proof, e.g. “A thought creates a field. The field is not bound to a local place, but it expands through the entire universe.” No doubt that thinking generates electrical activity within the brain, but to then convert that into a field that permeates the universe?

        And *IF* the fields generated around the Berlin wall permeate the _entire_ universe, couldn’t I just make a remedy from my garden wall? Does it have to be imprinted on a wall? Couldn’t I make a remedy from a melon, or from lego?

        Anyway – even assuming that emotions were imprinted/entangled with the Berlin Wall, how did the emotions/field leave the atoms of Berlin Wall and enter the homeopathic remedy – let us not forget that no molecules Berlin Wall remain in high dilution homeopathic remedies.

        Are we talking about the “memory of the berlin wall” telling the “memory of water”, which is then transfered to the “memory of sugar pills”?

        Extra levels of implausibility?

      • Well put.

        Occam’s razor: the theory with the with the fewest new assumptions is usually the correct one.

        Homeopathy relies on layer after layer of new assumptions, starting right at the beginning with the like-cures-like nonsense and the (pseudo)scientifc method used during provings.

  5. I think Peter is only talking about the end of materialistic science, not science per se. Do bear in mind that many homoeopathic and herbal remedies are made by Big PharmaCos (eg Merck, Nelsons)

    Don’t forget not all science is business led. many great thinkers, academics and scientists come up with a theories at University and some even at home. They do experiments to prove it, write a paper about it and then have it reviewed by peers without Big Pharma,Gm crops, Japanese whalers, Nestle and Microsoft looking over their shoulders telling them what to write.

    • Wow, I had no idea there were vegetables genetically modified to be able to read and speak to budding scientists…

      And Japanese whalers too? I would have thought they’d be too busy playing hide and seek with Greenpeace…

  6. Is it really safe to be ingesting pieces of concrete? Let alone Soviet concrete? Who knows what’s in that? The Berlin Wall and Chornobyl nuclear reactor were built by the same people after all.

    • No worries. It’s been diluted to the point where there’s no concrete left.

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