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Weird Homeopathy – Naufragium Helvetia – The Shipwreck

A remedy made from a bit of wood taken from a shipwreck.

It cures blockages. However, be careful. If you don’t need the remedy and you take it anyway, your bus to work will break down. Yes, you read correct. It will affect your commute. Read on…

A shipwreck, Rhossili Bay, The Gower, Wales. Image by Susannah Muldoon

I wanted to write about this particular remedy as Mary was one of the “homeopathic experts” that BBC Radio 5 Live used on the Tony Livesey phone-in show. The particular episode of the show “stacked the panel” against Michael Marshall of The Merseyside Skeptics Society.

On to the remedy…

It was created by Mary after she decided that a remedy made from a bit of wood taken from the Helvetia shipwreck would surely cure something. The Helvetia shipwreck is at Rhossili Bay, The Gower, in Wales. The ship was caught in a storm in 1887 and has lain at Rhossili Bay since; it is a famous landmark.

After giving the remedy to her “blinded” volunteers, Mary documented the symptoms reported. From this information, Mary ended up with a list of complaints that the remedy can be used to cure.

So, what symptoms did the volunteers report?

Well, 4 out of the 7 volunteers had problems with their commute. Yes, their commute to work. “I was late, because I kept getting blocked by impassable vehicles; diggers etc.”, “traffic a nightmare, total gridlock – turned round and came home.”, “got the wrong branch of the Northern line!!!”, “Trains broke down, buses broke down, traffic congestion”.

So, the homeopathic “scientific method” (wow, even their scientific method is so dilute that there isn’t any science left in it) has shown that giving this particular sugar pill to a person will affect that person’s commute to work! Taking a pill at say, 7 a.m., will affect the world around you, causing traffic jams and train breakdowns. That is truly awesome! Name me one conventional Big Pharma pill that will do that. I’m sure you’ll agree that as 4 out of 7 volunteers had problems with their commutes to work, then this is sufficient evidence to prove that the problems were caused by the shipwreck homeopathic remedy.

So what does Mary deduce from these symptoms? Yep, you’ve guessed it – it can cure blockages. Or “a sense of stuckness”. Indeed, Mary struggled getting the results of her proving out because she was stuck. What further evidence do you need?

I wonder why Mary did not mention this particular remedy whilst defending homeopathy on BBC Radio 5 Live?



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  2. You can’t make this shit up! Homeopaths live in a fantasy land, don’t they? Unbelievable!

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  4. While there are only a handful of remedies found in homeopathy that actually produce results, it’s not the lack of hard evidence that gives, not only homeopathy, but all sections of herbalism a bad name. It is instead caused by the idiots like this who just want there own brand of snake oil to sell better than someone else’s. And this is precisely why people are so willing to overpay for pharmaceuticals that often have more side effects than benefits, and thus stifle any real progress in the field of natural medicine.

    • What homeopathic remedy has actual proven results? I’ve never seen a single remedy that actually works better than a placebo in any real studies.

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