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Nottinghamshire NHS and Homeopathy Part 2

A very quick blog post to follow on from my previous post: Nottinghamshire NHS and Homeopathy.

I have just received a response from the “Nottinghamshire Area Prescribing Committee” (Nottinghamshire APC).

They have sent me a couple of documents.

Here are some details from one of the documents:  “Position Statement on Prescribing of Homeopathic Medicines”. The document is dated March 2010.  [The other document is discussed in “Nottinghamshire NHS: Alt-meds worst nightmare”]:

APC Recommendation

The Nottinghamshire APC concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support the use of homeopathic medicines and they were classified as GREY for all indications.

A grey classification is defined as  ‘medicines, which the Nottinghamshire APC does not recommend for use at present due to limited clinical and/or cost effective data’.

Are you smiling? I am!

In the next section of the document we see something to make you smile even more:

Implications to GP practices currently prescribing homeopathic medicines on the NHS

Due to financial pressures on NHS budgets, PCTs must disinvest from therapies where there is no evidence for their use.

The Nottinghamshire Area Prescribing Committee recommends that homeopathy should not be funded on the NHS.

The “not” was in emboldened by them, not me. 🙂

This is great news.

My next task is to try to persuade them to make a public announcement, as was made recently by the Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group.

Here is the full (one page PDF) document: Position Statement on Homeopathy FINAL [Am I allowed to do that?]

Other PCTs not funding Homeopathy

Bradford and Airedale: @jdc325 is persistent and finally gets a fairly positive result: “NHS Bradford and Airedale do not routinely commission homeopathy, however, exceptional cases can be reviewed as an Individual Funding Request.” Not perfect, but not too bad.

Cardiff and Vale@RhysMorgan gets a response from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. “I am able to let you know that we do not offer any homeopathic treatment here at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board”

Greater ManchesterGreater Manchester Medicines Management Group withdraws NHS funding for homeopathy “homeopathic treatments cannot be recommended”

PCTs funding Homeopathy

Islington: @medtek received a disappointing (but expected) response:

Thank you for your email of 27 July regarding the above mentioned issue.

Currently we do have a contract with the Royal London Homeopathy Hospital for a small amount of homeopathy based on the clinical needs of a patient referred.

Referral is a matter for GPs to decide based on their clinical judgement.

The Northern Central London SACU is reviewing all low priority treatments, and any changes to current policy will be consulted with the public.

No response yet

Tayside: @zeno001 has made a FOIA request.


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