Posted by: Kash Farooq | September 8, 2010

Nottinghamshire NHS: Alt-med’s worst nightmare

In my previous post about Nottinghamshire NHS and Homeopathy, I mentioned that I have been sent two documents. This post is about the second document – it has the catchy title: “APPENDIX A Schedule of ‘Low Priority’ Treatments”.

The document consists of a table listing “Interventions” and their corresponding Nottinghamshire NHS status. I was pleased to see “Not funded” listed next to many alternative and/or not clinically proven medical treatments:

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain – Not funded
  • Acupuncture for pain relief – Funded only where recommended by consultant in pain clinic
  • Acupuncture for purposes other than pain relief, including smoking cessation – Not funded
  • Osteopathy and chiropractic – Not funded unless an agreed care pathway is already in place
  • Glucosamine – Not funded
  • Herbal remedies – Not funded
  • Homeopathy – Not funded
  • Chinese medicines – Not funded
  • Aromatherapy – Not funded although sometimes offered in hospices and other palliative care settings
  • Massage – Not funded
  • Reflexology – Not funded
  • Hypnotherapy – Not funded

Yes, there are a few “sometimes offered” in the list above, but not many.

Well done, Nottinghamshire NHS – saving the tax payer money.

I bet David Tredinnick is glad he is not an MP in Nottinghamshire!

Here is the full (2 page Word) document: APPENDIX A Schedule of ‘Low Priority’ Treatments



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