Posted by: Steve Leedale | November 8, 2010

Twitter Joke Trial: Let’s hope sanity will be restored

Please note that I will be tweeting from Doncaster Crown Court so follow me on Twitter to get updates.

Thursday morning (11th November 2010) will hopefully see the sane and rational conclusion of the sorriest legal case to hit Doncaster since…ok, so I can’t actually think of another case, but I am sure you get my drift.

Sadly, the operative word in the last sentence is “hopefully”, as very little about the case so far has been sane or rational.

So what should we expect from Thursday?

The option I long for is that the judge will rule in favour of the half-time submissions whereby the judge will agree with the defence’s assertion that the prosecution has failed to present sufficient evidence to convict. This would see the case conclude there and then, with Paul Chambers able to walk away from this ridiculous conviction.

The second option is that the judge will want to proceed with the appeal, but with Paul likely to be the only witness called this shouldn’t lead to a massively drawn out cross-examination session. This scenario should also see the appeal concluded on Thursday, so then it will just be a matter of how long the judge takes to return with the verdict; I’m afraid this comes down to ‘how long is a piece of string?’

The judge was at pains to stress at the opening of the appeal that she is not a woman to be rushed, but given the evidence already before her I cannot imagine Paul’s own account would give that much more to deliberate, as that there can only be so many ways to say, “It was a f******g joke!” (although Paul, if you are reading this you might want to think twice before swearing in court; the legal system is startlingly intolerant!)

So, by Thursday evening Paul will hopefully know the outcome of his appeal and, if sanity is restored, will be free to celebrate in the bright lights of Doncaster. Any port in a storm, I guess! Failing this, Doncaster is an equally apt location for drowning your sorrows and for cursing an archaic legal system.

As with the first day of the appeal I will be tweeting “live” from Doncaster Crown Court, or at least as live as I can without being arrested. This will mean regular updates during any breaks, as it is illegal to use any kind of communication devices from inside the courtroom itself.

So, if you want to be the first to know the outcome, as well as being able to get choice titbits such as what members of Paul’s defence team are wearing or whether Paul’s girlfriend makes it up the stairs to the first floor without tripping up then follow me on Twitter.

See you Thursday (11th November 2010) at 09.30hrs GMT (or thereabouts).



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