Posted by: Kash Farooq | January 22, 2011

Weird Homeopathy – The Relationship Between Homeopathic Colour And Astrology

Colour remedies: created from various wavelengths of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The visible color spectrum, from 380 nm to 710 nm

Homeopaths can create remedies out of colours to boost your chakras. No, really.

I recently discovered a “journal article” titled: “The Relationship Between Homeopathic Colour And Astrology”.

Now, we already know that Helios sell remedies made out of ingredients like the colour green. And we also know that homeopaths often include astrology in their list of skills. This ensures that the patient gets exactly the right remedy. It’s a very important skill for homeopaths to have – without it, they would just be guessing.

So, I was pleased to discover that there are articles explaining how it all worked. At last! I could finally discover the secret of how colour remedies are linked to astrology. I’m pretty sure the journal article is peer reviewed, so we can all trust it too.

I started reading:

“Astrology offers us a real understanding of rhythms and cycles of life.”

Nothing new there. Yes, that’s what astrologers believe. Of course, the gravitational attraction of Jupiter when at its closest to the Earth is about ten times less than the gravitational attraction of a large bus passing by. But that sort of science is irrelevant to the astrologers.

“We can experience the workings of the cosmos through our energy centers, or chakras”

Chakras! It said chakras! This should be good.

Reading on, I discovered that colour remedies fix the imbalance in the Human Energy System by stimulating the ether field in which the chakras are held.

They do what now?

Apparently, each chakra is paired with a planet. The planet Jupiter “rules” the Sacral Chakra. I’m not sure how it rules this particular chakra and not some other one, but it does. To fix any imbalance in the Sacral Chakra you need an orange remedy. Ahhh. I think I get it. Jupiter has an orange band or two. And that’s why you need an orange remedy. Actually…No. My colour matching hypothesis went out of the window when I discovered that “red” is aligned with Saturn, and not Mars. This pairing up of colours and planets… it’s obviously far more complicated than I had imagined. I’m glad that I’m not responsible for making these sorts of health decisions. You clearly need the relevant qualifications. The homeopath who wrote this article has qualifications – qualifications that are recognised by the Society of Homeopaths, of course.

I wonder… since Pluto has been demoted from being a planet – it is now just a dwarf planet – does that mean the corresponding chakra is now defunct? Or perhaps you actually need to megadose on the appropriate colour remedy to “prop it up”? This is clearly a complex subject. What happens if I took too much remedy? I don’t want to ‘overdose’ on a colour now do I?

It is articles like these which led to someone to recently find this blog with the search text: “Are all homeopaths crazy?”

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

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  1. Don’t be silly. Of course you don’t need to megadose on Pluto’s colour.

    Being a homeopathic thing, its enough to stand within a light year of the planet.


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