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Weird Homeopathy – Saturn

A remedy made by exposing powdered milk sugar to a powerful telescope that is pointing at Saturn.

Saturn, imaged from Cassini (March 27 2004)

Remedy made from Saturn light appears to make you stoned. And you'll get the munchies.

After stumbling upon a proving of a remedy made from the light of Saturn, I couldn’t resist adding it to The Weird Homeopathy List. It would fit nicely on the list next to a post for another Solar System object remedy – the proving of Venus light remedy (well worth reading for the comments from the homeopath who ‘discovered’ the remedy).

The proving for Saturn light remedy is seriously weird. It starts normally enough. Well, as normal as you can get when talking about homeopathy. Straight away the homeopath who performed the proving states what she wants to discover:

“I was very interested to see if there were an overlap between the astrological meanings and the homeopathic ones, since that has been the case with the other celestial remedies.”

Yep – this homeopath is an astrologer too. Of course she would be.

She starts by explaining the mythology and astrological significance of Saturn. Saturn is the Roman name for the Greek god Kronos, one of the Titan gods. She mentions that Saturn is often depicted as a horned God (errr, no he isn’t), and that Kronos derives from the Greek word for “horned” (errr, no it doesn’t).

But please do remember these crowbarred mentions of the word “horned” for later in this post.

The proving

Remedy made from the light of Saturn appears to get you high. Stoned. Off your face. You also hallucinate:

“lots of giggling and silliness; …there was talk of getting high, stories about getting high. Senses were distorted. One prover kept seeing smoke rise from the milk sugar.”

This is powerful stuff. And of course, as this involves an astronomical object:

“I’m feeling really high… spacey.”

Remarkable! And exactly what happened during the proving of Venus remedy.

After getting high on drugs it is inevitable that you will get the munchies:

“The conversation kept circling back to pizza”

“Any food in the universe can be better with cheese.”

The “horned” business

One of the provers started drawing a portrait of one of the other provers…

“..but then he added horns and a beard. It looked like Pan.”

Wow! Cronus is derived from the Greek for “horned”, which suggests something about a horned god and one of the provers just drew a picture of Pan.

As the homeopath states in her write-up: “The spontaneous drawing of the Horned Pan figure is of course amazing!”.

You crowbarred it in! If the provers had drawn a duck you would have said that Saturn was the god of ducks!

The come-down

Finally, in a textbook getting high situation, you have to have deep conversations about life the universe and everything. But then you have to come down:

“feeling lost and confused…over time it begins to piss you off, not being able to fully participate in life, what is happening … I will just check out.”

It’s got to end at some point. You can’t stay high forever, man.

Ban this evil filth

Luckily the provers only experimented with 3C remedy. Can you imagine how powerful the remedy would be if they diluted it to 30C?

Won’t someone please think of the children and ban this potent drug before someone gets hurt?



  1. lol @ celestial remedies!
    now that’s one i haven’t heard before….

  2. you have to laugh at “Provers were very thirsty, drank a great deal of water” and the physical symptom report of frequent urination. i am sure there is a link somewhere???


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