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Conversation with a Power Sports Band Retailer – rounding things up

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Conversation with a Power Sports Band Retailer (please read this first if you haven’t already) that described how I came to be in possession of a powerful negative ion sports band that promised to help with endurance, flexibility, balance and general sports performance, as well as even helping me to sleep better!

I thought I’d better round things up and explain what happened next.

So, to be very clear, I did actually put the band through its paces, as best I knew how, as I was desperate to see whether it possessed enough power to resurrect my hopes of playing for the mighty Doncaster Rovers.  In fact, I had a lot of fun coming up with genuine tests over the course of a couple of weeks and even attached it to my dog’s collar on a few occasions to see if the negative ions being given off, if there were any, had an effect on her.

And the results?

Well, let’s just say that I will be watching Donny Rovers from the stands again this season.  Not one test had a result that would indicate the band had any special powers.  Not one.

OK, so this was what I expected, and maybe my bias prevented me from seeing any benefit, placebo or otherwise, but it really wasn’t through a lack of trying.  I had bent, stretched, timed and measured, all with and without the Power Sports Band and not once was there any improvement in my abilities when I was wearing the product.

I felt that I needed to report back to James and to return what was now just a fancy rubber band.


 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but it really has been a busy time for me. In short, however, after completing many test with the Power Sports Band I could find no evidence to show that it had any effect at all on sports performance. 

It has become a bit of a project for me to try to find about your band and whether there is any scientific theory behind it in any way and I have drawn a blank. I appreciate what you have said previously about the purchase of a negative ion detector and that this has shown that the band does give off negative ions, but none of the reading I have done would suggest that this could be of benefit to an athlete, or an ordinary member of the public for that matter. What was it that convinced you as to the positive effects this band could have on the body? Also, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but which ion detector did you actually buy? I think this information might help my reading and therefore give me a better understanding of the science involved. 

 Kind regards,

Steve Leedale

And the telling reply…

In truth Steve what convinced me was my own personal experience. I genuinely sleep better with it on, and (perhaps as a result of that) I genuinely feel more energized through the day – but no one would believe me saying that alone, so what we want is for people to try it for themselves, and that is why from day 1 we’ve always offered a complete money back guarantee on every band sold worldwide. We definitely don’t want to deceive anybody, or fool them into buying some “snake oil” – I’ve read as much of the theory as I can understand and there seems to be a lot of support for negative ion technology, and a lot of naysayers too – if we hadn’t of found benefit in our own use, we most definitely would not be selling it.

You can keep the band with my compliments –give it to a friend and see if they find anything. In truth I’ve had a handful of friends who’ve found absolutely no benefit from them, but plenty more that have, so pass it on and maybe someone else will find benefit in it.



I have to say, I was saddened.  Throughout this encounter James had come across as a thoroughly nice bloke who had bent over backwards to help me understand where he was coming from.  My conclusion though is it that he is someone who has tried a product and found some personal benefit, almost certainly through the placebo effect, and then tried to market it.  I genuinely think that the money-back guarantee is a gesture towards acknowledging that the band may not be all that it is cracked up to be, whether that was the explicit thinking behind it or not.  James is not a con artist, of that I am certain.  Sadly, I think he is just misguided.

So, should you try a Power Sports Band for yourself?  Of course not.  Given that you have read this the placebo effect will, most probably, be less likely to help you and I’m sure as sure can be that the “science” behind this rubber band certainly won’t help your sports performance either.  Like similar products that have already been discredited, this is band, in my experience, is nothing more than a charity-type wristband with a few optimistic claims tagged onto it.

No real surprise there then!



  1. It’s too bad that a company like Power-balance has spoiled the public view of the value of negative ion technology. They made general health claims, paid celebrities to make claims & were sued & kicked out of Australia.
    There are actual wearable hologram technologies, one by a NASA scientist (see BodyBionix, that work and are amazing! They neutralize 96.7 % of cell phone radiation from reaching the head when affixed to the phone or worn on a pendant. (Check out the many new articles & research done into the benefits of neg ions & this nano-tech ‘wave’ of the future). I have now tested almost every energy band out there & they are ALL different. The top two tested, were the EFX and the VitalForce bracelets. Basically, your body operates at a certain hertz and that frequency is interrupted by artificially-made positive ions produced by GPS, satellite, EMF’s, ‘dirty electricity’ (ie phone chargers, routers, multiple-overhead lines) & cell phone radiation that can cause stress, induce illness, reduce flexability in the muscles, less red-blood circulation & less oxygenation of the body.
    There are many technologies out there that ‘neutralize’ these positive ion interruptions. For a metaphor, think of it as alkaline vs acidic, or neg ions vs pos ions, for health.A pounding surf on the beach is a natural form of neg ions, or quartz crystals, these help reduce computer, cell phone tower radiation which is making us sick & less productive & healthy.
    Here’s the funny part, people spend up to 70 dollars a wk to buy cigarettes & alcohol but complain of a $20-30.00 purchase that could allow their body to have a feeling of well-being naturally. You don’t get a money-back guarantee on a used pack of cigarettes.

    The good wearable anion technologies don’t make claims they let the wearer decide. The results are often wonderful, not only for athletes but for older people who are tired of their hip rotators popping out or of pulled muscles. You can find the good stuff online at different websites. I’d recommend for the VitalForce anion band, for the usa-made technology for your cell phone or to wear on a pendant (BodyGroove also will sell those, they are just putting their website together). EFX – use their main website, the chinese knockoffs are not as good. Warning! When buying any energy wristband look at the hologram, if there is no stamped emitting technology, it is a ripoff. Avoid the PB logo. Basically, most of these have ‘some’ neg ion emissions but are so weak, they aren’t felt. The EFX is very powerful better for extreme athletes than the regular populace. The Life-stregnth bracelet used to be very weak but they have ‘cheated’ by putting a untempered steel throughout the bracelet to get a higher reading, which is not very healthy for the wearer, since as untempered steel breaks down, it also gives off positive ions. They also sell a steel necklace, which I had tested by Alpha Labs in SLC, UT & they said it was not a healthy thing to wear, since two elements in it, gave off positive ions, as it decayed, which overpowered the neg ion benefit. I knew one young man, who began having hot flashes from his. I told him to throw it away. He returned to the VitalForce bracelet and is feeling much better. Bodybalance is an old brand that has some neg ion benefit to it, as well.
    Anyway, as an amateur tester, I thought you could use some of this info.

  2. ‘Twas ever thus, Kash.

    I heard of a doctor was encouraging patients with (genuine) parasitosis to take the antipsychotic drug he was taking for his delusional parasitosis.

    At least the Powerband only profits from the gullible, rather than poisoning them or denying them valuable treatment.

    I suspect they merely meet the perceived needs of the foil bonnet brigade, though there is a risk that they promote their delusional thinking.

  3. I can recommend these blogs on the subject – which point out that Power Balance have admitted there is no credible evidence behind their claims and that their Australian site has been shut down.

  4. As in the case with the Power balance bands, people didn’t get they paid for.

    There are even weaker knock-offs of the above bracelet from China, that retailers can get for 10cents and resell at Rite-Aid. Do they work? Some may have a miniscule amount of negative ion emissions at the same hertz as the human hertz and if so, great, they help. Not bad, for seven bucks to sleep better at night or feel energized.

    Alpha Labs (on the internet & in SLC has tested superior and different technologies with the same basis and astoundingly said, that these were very beneficial to mankind.

    Two chiropracters agreed, more flexability, less pulled muscles, better sense of well-being. The BodyBionix tested the most superior.

    At any rate, they are all cheaper than a cigarette habit and have long-term beneficial effects. It’s too bad Australia didn’t get the good products, initially.

    Many golfers I speak to, as a health products tester & provider, like the titanium necklaces coupled with the EFX or VF bracelet. I believe that each person has a different result, and then their mind takes it a bit further, making the wearable technology their ‘good-luck’ charm on top of what benefits, it really serves. Kinda cool, how our minds work.

    By the way, we tested subjects with multiple ‘placebo’ bracelets with no
    neg-ion emitting holograms, after testing for flexability with no bracelets & the result was the same. There was no better flexability until the actual holograms were in the bracelet that the subject was wearing. We even did tests with BodyBionix aligned water that the subject drank and did the flexability tests, it was mind boggling.

    It’s hard to change your way of thinking, when you can’t see nano-technology but it’s here. Chiropractors even tested flexability in front of an electrical outlet & people were tested to be less flexable because of positive ion exposure (dirty electricity).

    The more I learn about this stuff, the more I am amazed.

    Anyway, that’s my two-cents of info…sorry to butt in your conversation.

    • You mention that you’re a, “…health products tester & provider.” What more can you tell me about that?

  5. Power Balance made claims they shouldn’t have made but science has moved on.

    • Yeah, I may be one of the people that this website is skeptical of…teehee – I too, sell new-age health products but with a twist, I test evey product equally & am not invested, in the outcome.
      I am a doctor’s daughter, who worked in a clinic and diet clinic alongside my dad for several years & have really been a ‘tester’ of anything in medical/health research, since the 70’s. (In high school, my aptitude test told me to either be an airline stewardess or a medical researcher – so I chose both!

      Basically, I have hip-rotators that pop out at will, during the day-leaving me limping unless I spend a good hour every morning stretching in opposite directions, before my workout. This was pretty sad because I am an ex-model, ex NY radio personality and I like to walk my dogs, so I tested all of the balance bracelets, I could. Luckily, I found one that worked for me, it is the VitalForce brand. I got it for $20.00 with a lifetime warranty. Then I bought the Body balance holograms to put on the back or inside of my phone & my children’s phones and also, one on the inside of a pendant, that helps lessen my 22 yr old’s tendonitis.

      Hey, I don’t really care about the arguments about why something works, if it works. I wouldn’t care if my brain was programming an item to do what my brain programmed it to do & quite frankly, I’ve seen some embellisment of that in people I’ve tested, once they see some assistance from a health aide, I thoroughly believe that their mind ‘streamlines’ it further for their personal needs.

      So, my sister stole my wristband at a party because she has balance issues & I forgot about the affair and had been taking care of a grandchild during that time and then was brought back to reality, when my hip popped out badly a week later and took about a week to heal. In the meantime, I look for the right bracelet & found only one mall sold them, the others I wore, did nothing to help me. I finally found the distant kiosk that sold them and bought a bunch. They were in the process of heading for a supermall out east & was just going to operate on the web. Power balance ironically, was trying to put them out of business even though they had a new design which didn’t compete with theirs but on the basis that this one really worked.

      The owner offered me all of the kiosk health products, VitalForce & BodyBionix for half price, since he was anxious to go to the King of Prussia Mall, so I took the offer. I have since tested YouthWaters, Quantum and other neg ion technologies & still like VitalForce. Some people cannot wear these & I don’t allow them to. A certain body & energy type should not wear it because they absorb neg ion metal into their system, too quickly L& strongly. So, I sell anything that helps people on my kiosk, whatever it is. I also listen strongly to people’s concerns & needs, so that the Aquarian water-bearer can assist mankind. Hokey but true.

      Unlike Power Balance, I don’t pay celebrities to endorse our products (I’m not rich) but Zach Efron, Team Jacob, Ashton & Demi wear different types of our products. Currently another celebrity has taken an interest but I don’t seek them out. One woman with head injuries thanked us tearfully, she bought both to stop the migraines. She could even tell when we had GPS on our cellphone on, it hurt her that much. In the future, I’ll be selling a new pillow from a tech lab, that uses neg-ions and magnets to give you great sleep & seratonin boosts.

      Well, thanx for asking be fierce & happy in your passion of life, dudes!


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