Posted by: Kash Farooq | March 27, 2012

Space Scenery: Outside In

I interviewed Stephen van Vuuren for The Pod Delusion episode 129. Stephen is the creator of the spectacular Outside In movie.

Outside In definitely qualifies as suitable for my Space Scenery series. It is an IMAX movie currently in development that is being made out of nothing but real space data  – no computer-generated images have been used. Amazing fly-through effects have been created by stitching together tens of thousands of images that have been captured by missions and spacecraft such as Cassini.

Even though the movie is space-themed, Stephen points out that the film is “an art film, not a science film”. It isn’t a documentary. It’s just supposed to be beautiful. And it certainly is that.

An initial 1 minute sequence was released about a year ago and it recently went viral. It currently has had over 4 million views. This initial footage has since been polished up and extended. It is stunning:

As people just won’t accept that CGI hasn’t been used, a “Work In Progress” sequence has also been released. The final movie promises to be spectacular – even this work in progress sequence is breathtaking. I love the flight over the Moon:

The movie is currently scheduled for release mid-2013. It will be available in IMAX theatres around the world. There is also a planeterium-specific version planned.

Can you imagine how good it will look on a giant screen?

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