Posted by: Kash Farooq | January 21, 2013

The Thought Stash – 2012 in review

Following on from @noodlemaz’s lead, I thought I’d publish The Thought Stash 2012 report that was created automatically by the stats helper monkeys.

Click here to see the complete Thought Stash report.

Items from the report that interested me:

  • A blog post I wrote in July 2011 about the massive fee changes at the Open University was the most viewed post in 2012! In fact, since the blog has existed, in total about 14% of all visits are to this particular blog post. On a daily basis it is still frequently the most viewed post. They arrive at the blog post by using search terms such as “open university fees”, “open university too expensive” and “why is open university so expensive?”. Incidentally, I received a big increase in hits to the blog post in January 2013. Hits resulting from people’s New Year’s Resolutions perhaps? If so, these people will be disappointed to discover that the Open University is essentially unaffordable for “hobby students”. However, they can always try Learning for Free.
  • There have been a lot of hits for the Space Scenery series. This is pleasing. It’s fun hunting for the best images for a certain astronomical area, and nice that people seem to like it. And thank you to all the amateur astronomers that gave permission to use their images.
  • People from 170 countries visited this blog! 170! There are 193 members of the United Nations! The most hits come from the UK, the US and Canada. Here are some random countries from across the world that didn’t provide many visitors:
    • Kyrgyzstan (3 visitors)
    • Bolivia (2 visitors)
    • Mali (1 visitor)
    • Bhutan (2 visitors)
    • Brunei (7 visitors)
    • China (2 visitors! Is The Thought Stash blocked from China?! I assume is blocked from China?)
    • Montenegro (4 visitors)
    • North Korea (0 visitors. I thought I’d add this to the list out of interest. Has anyone ever had a hit from North Korea?)
  • Most common search terms (and hence why there are a lot of Space Scenery hits):

In all, 82288 views in 2012. Amazing. When the blog started in July 2010, there were 315 hits that month!



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