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The Pod Delusion Interviews – 2011

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Episode 104, 30th September 2011: Faster than light neutrinos

Interviewee: Dr Ben Still, neutrino physicist.

Remember when the Gran Sasso lab in Italy thought the neutrinos they were being sent by CERN were arriving too quickly? Neutrinos were arriving faster than should be possible according to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Luckily, for my first ever interview, I knew the perfect person to talk to about the physics news that had become front page news: neutrino scientist and excellent science communicator, Ben Still.


Episode 106, 14th October 2011: It IS Rocket Science 

Helen Keen - It IS Rocket Science

Helen Keen – It IS Rocket Science

Interviewee: Helen Keen, comedian and creator of the stage and BBC4 radio show It IS Rocket Science.

We caught up with Helen at the British Library to discuss her work and her latest science-themed comedy show.


Episode 107, 21st October 2011: The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics

Interviewee: Professor Brian Schmidt, astrophysicist and 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics Joint Winner

The Pod Delusion - Brian Schmidt (Photo credit - Belinda Pratten

The Pod Delusion – Brian Schmidt (Photo credit – Belinda Pratten)

No, I’m still not sure how this happened. A few days after Brian had been awarded the Nobel Prize, I (extremely optimistically) sent an email to him asking for an interview. I nearly fell off my chair when the next day I received an email from the Australian National University press department, who wanted to get it scheduled.


Episode 111, 18th November 2011: The Russian Phobos-Grunt launch failure

Interviewee: Dr Lewis Dartnell, astrobiologist and author.

Life in the Universe, by Lewis Dartnell

Life in the Universe, by Lewis Dartnell

A discussion about what happened to the recently launched Russian spacecraft and why astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell was so interested in this mission.


Episode 112, 25th November 2011: Mars Curiosity Rover

Interviewee: Dr Claire Cousins, planetary scientist.

A discussion about the Mars Science Lab/Mars Curiosity Rover just before it was launched.


Episode 113, 2nd December 2011: The Venus Transit Expedition 2012

Interviewee: Huw James, Scientist, Presenter, Adventure Junkie.

We discuss Huw’s plans to organise an expedition to travel across Europe and Asia by land to view the Venus Transit.


Episode 114, 9th December 2011: Kepler-22b and the search for Earth 2.0

Interviewee: Dr Robert Simpson, astrophysicist and web developer.

After yet another “We have found Earth 2.0” announcement, I put out a tweet “are there are any pissed off astronomers who want to be interviewed about the latest Earth 2.0”. Rob answered my call!


Episode 115, 16th December 2011: Higgs Update

Interviewee: Professor Jon Butterworth, physicist at UCL and CERN.

I’ve known Jon on Twitter for a while, and after the first announcement that the LHC may have spotted the Higgs Boson, I called him to discuss what they’d found.




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