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Kash Farooq

I am a contract .NET/C# developer. This blog isn’t about that. My other blog is about that.

Thanks to The Open University, I have rediscovered that I really like science. I’m currently studying all the astrophysics related courses I can find towards a BSc. Natural Sciences degree. And while searching for science podcasts relevant to my studies I discovered this thing called skepticism.

I post my skeptical and scientific thoughts on this blog. I also regularly contribute to The Pod Delusion – a podcast about interesting things.

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Steve Leedale

I work in the care sector, watch football and listen to lots of records with guitars in them.

I may have been a skeptic for longer than I realise but didn’t know there was a skeptic movement until a few years ago.  I have recently extended my hobbies to include a bit of star gazing, Skeptics in the Pub and lots of reading around skepticism.

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  1. Whoever said that software developers need to learn communication skills has never read this blog.

  2. can i use one of your photos on your website for my coursework at school

    • Which one? – they’re not all mine!
      I get permission from the owners, or they are free to use via NASA, ESA or Wikimedia Commons.

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